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Directional control valves Brazil


Monoblock directional control valves - ML | DN | DN85
With their compact dimensions and simple construction, monoblock directional control valves are the components of choice for all applications where there is a special focus on minimizing size, weight and costs. These are components fitted to farm machinery, municipal service vehicles, construction site machinery and lifting equipment.

Control systems for front loader - DN46CV | DN46FC | DN90FC
The need to improve the effectiveness and optimize the cost of control systems for front loaders has led to the creation of a complete series of application-specific solutions.

Modular directional control valves - DNC
The modular design and construction of directional control valves makes them ideal for all those application where flexibility is required, and where circuit configurations tend to be complex. They feature on the very latest mobile equipment used in agriculture, on municipal service vehicles and on construction site machinery.

Bywire modular directional control valves - BW
The ByWire modular system is composed by a wide range of standard modules that, properly assembled, obtains the logic circuit function required.
This system solves even the more complex hydraulic demands.
ByWire elements can be electro-proportional or on-off actuated, for parallel or tandem circuit.
Elements can be pre compensated or flow sharing type, suitable for circuits with a fixed or a variable pump.
In the ByWire System all exchanges and compensations take place within the body.
Modules are optimized to obtain greater flow sections compared to cartridge solutions of the same external dimensions.
This means a reduction in load losses and increased energy efficiency.

SIZE Inlet
Elements Intermediate
50 l/min TE05-RF05 BW05 TI05 TU05



Simple and robust, directional control valves are available with parallel, load sensing, tandem and series circuits, and can be equipped with auxiliary pressure control valves and flow control valves. Control options include direct hydraulic, bowden cable, proportional electric and joystick.

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