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Our People are our strength.


Since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, in compliance with the regulations issued by the Authorities, Bondioli & Pavesi promptly defined a series of precautionary measures (continuously updated), implemented in all the Group’s Italian plants to safeguard its collaborators.


We are aware how delicate the current situation is and how much efforts are required to fight it, but we have to show our civic sense that, as Italian citizens, we have to observe and that we are sure we are imparting to our people with the proactive actions we took.


Implementing a clear and rigorous intervention policy and scrupulously adhering to the internal and authorities’ directives, is the only solution to create a safer and - despite everything - positive working environment, populated by responsible persons inside the factories and in our daily lives.


Everyone has a part to play in terms of commitment and sacrifice to get back to normality.


Safeguard yourself and protect other people.



11 March 2020


Thanks for everything, Edi

Today Edi Bondioli passed away, following a short illness and now we feel more lonely.
In 1950, at just 21, he founded our company in Suzzara with his partner Guido Pavesi. Under his leadership, Bondioli & Pavesi has become a Group of 1,700 employees, 14 production plants and 13 commercial branches worldwide.

Earth Day 2020

Environmental commitment is one of the reference values of our Code of Conduct.
Activities in our factories, certified ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, are carried out with the aim of ensuring Energy and Environmental Efficiency.

Happy Easter!

Celebrating Easter looks and feels so different for all of us this year.

We wish our Collaborators, Customers, Friends and their Families a Safe, Happy and (more than ever now) Healthy Easter weekend.

United we win!

Working in our factories and choosing our products, Collaborators and Customers renew their trust in us every day.

As a Company, we are called to a sense of responsibility honoring the trust and following the safety protocols.

United we win.