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E.D.I. wins the Systems & Components Trophy 2023!

It's official!
We won the Systems & Components Trophy 2023 – Engineers' Choice, the competition organized by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) that honors agricultural machinery supplier most innovative systems and components.

Our driveshaft E.D.I. is on the podium, and the award ceremony will take place on the first day of Agritechnica, Sunday 12th November, 2023.

This prestigious recognition acknowledges the high level of innovation of the E.D.I. (Electronic Data Interchange), and the very strong commitment of the team.

After CVT winning and the nominations in 2019, this further trophy confirms that great successes are the result of ambitious ideas, significant investments and impeccable teamwork.




18 October 2023


Happy 73th Birthday, Bondioli & Pavesi!

"There's nothing like a dream to create the future."

On 19th October 1950, two enterprising boys dreamed big. Starting from a garage in Suzzara, Edi Bondioli and Guido Pavesi built their future which, year after year, became intertwined with the present of thousands of families.

Happy Easter 2021!

Easter is time of rebirth, renewal and hope for the future.

Now more than ever, we look to the future with faith and enthusiasm.

Wishing all of our Collaborators, Customers, Friends and their Families a Safe, Happy and Healthy Easter.

Welcome new COMS

Since 1950 Bondioli & Pavesi has produced roughly 30 million PTO Driveshafts and to do so used 60,000 kilometers of profile tubes, a distance that is equivalent to one and a half journey ar

Thanks for everything, Edi

Today Edi Bondioli passed away, following a short illness and now we feel more lonely.
In 1950, at just 21, he founded our company in Suzzara with his partner Guido Pavesi. Under his leadership, Bondioli & Pavesi has become a Group of 1,700 employees, 14 production plants and 13 commercial branches worldwide.